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  • pdf CR356 - Interpretation [NEW]
    Insurance policy contract: interpretation and application of pre-existing conditions exclusions clause. CR356
  • pdf CR340 - Interpretation
    Definition of diabetes. (CR340)
  • pdf CR326 - Interpretation / Exclusion
    Interpretation / Exclusion Interpretation – meaning to be given to wording of an exclusion for “intervertebral disc disorders” – insurer using International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding and descriptions (CR326)
  • pdf CR325 - Interpretation / Policy wording
    Interpretation - policy requiring that certificate by a medical practitioner be furnished for a sickness benefit claim - certificate provided by policyholder issued by a psychologist, not a medical practitioner - insurer refusing to pay claim. (CR325)
  • pdf CR324 - Interpretation
    Interpretation Interpretation – ambiguity – application of the contra proferentem rule. (CR324)
  • pdf CR33 - Interpretation
    Interpretation - Payment of a cancer claim (CR33)
  • pdf CR34 - Interpretation
    Interpretation - Loan protection insurance (CR34)
  • pdf CR98 - Ambiguity
    Ambiguity - In a policy wording (CR98)
  • pdf CR222 - Interpretation
    Interpretation - Surgery performed not included in list of surgeries described in the policy - definition of "foreign body" (CR222)
  • pdf CR264 - Interpretation - disability cover
    Interpretation - disability cover - Payable only if disablement occurs while in full time employment - meaning of (CR264)
  • pdf CR265 - Interpretation - redundancy benefit
    Interpretation - redundancy benefit - Only payable if employed "full time" - meaning of (CR265)
  • pdf CR266 - Interpretation
    Interpretation - Definition in policy of "accidental death" (CR266)
  • pdf CR267 - Interpretation
    Interpretation - Ambiguity in policy terms - interpreted contra proferentem (CR267)
  • pdf CR283 - Claim declined
    Claim declined - Policy covering cancer of the genitals including cervix, uterus, vagina and vulva - insurer contending that complainant's ovarian cancer not covered (CR283)
  • pdf CR286 - Disability claim rejected on grounds of late submission
    Disability claim rejected on grounds of late submission - Interpretation of contract - how to determine date of disability - claim subsequently repudiated on grounds that claimant no longer a member of scheme at date of disability - application of equity (CR286)
  • pdf CR303 - Meaning
    Meaning - Of redundancy / retrenchment (CR303)
  • pdf CR310 - Termination of cover
    Termination of cover - Upon a policyholder 'ceasing to substantially practice his profession' as envisaged in policy provision (CR310)
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