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  • pdf CR297 - Quotations provided for joint life annuities
    Quotations provided for joint life annuities - applications completed without details of second life assured - single life annuities issued - duty on insurer to compare applications with quotations (CR297)
  • pdf CR256 - Annuity
    Annuity - annual increases dependent on declared bonuses - whether insurer used its discretion properly in declaring bonuses - applicability of Promotion of Access to Information Act, no 2 of 2000 - whether insurer may unilaterally change policy from one portfolio to another (CR256)
  • pdf CR212 - Annuities
    Annuities - Complainant contending that his pension increase was inadequate (CR212)
  • pdf CR211 - Annuities
    Annuities - Complainants alleging that pension increases were inadequate (CR211)
  • pdf CR173 - Annuity
    Annuity - purchased with no escalation option - complainant queries non-escalation of monthly income - complainant alleges he was not a party to the agreement (CR173)
  • pdf CR172 - Annuity
    Annuity - time for determination of the amount : at time of death or claim? - procedure - rule 3.4.1 (CR172)
  • pdf CR122 - Annuity
    Annuity - complainant claiming annual increase in annuity payments (CR122)
  • pdf CR54 - Annuity
    Annuity- Pensioner offered option to purchase an annuity from insurance company - query concerning the commencement date (CR54)
  • pdf CR53 - Annuity
    Annuity lump sum of some R400 000 invested nil guarantee annuity payable monthly in arrears for life annuitant 57 years of age and in poor health at the time of its conclusion annuitant dies soon thereafter alleged misselling (CR53)
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