Late Submission Of Claims

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  • pdf CR329 - Late submission of claims
    Claim delayed by police taking possession of documents for criminal investigation.(CR329)
  • pdf CR307 - Group scheme
    Group scheme - claim under group disability scheme repudiated on grounds of late submission - late submission policy provision in principle enforceable, unless considerations of equity demand otherwise - equity ruling not fair to insurer in the particular circumstances (CR307)
  • pdf CR286 - Disability claim rejected on grounds of late submission
    Disability claim rejected on grounds of late submission - Interpretation of contract - how to determine date of disability - claim subsequently repudiated on grounds that claimant no longer a member of scheme at date of disability - application of equity (CR286)
  • pdf CR285 - Death and disability
    Death and disability claims in terms of mortgage protection policies - individual policyholders, members of their employer's housing scheme, having been granted mortgage bond by their employer, ceding their policies to their employer - can the insurer be held liable where the employer fails to notify it of the claims within the periods set out in the policies? (CR285)
  • pdf CR284 - Equity
    Equity - unique circumstances (CR284)
  • pdf CR226 - Late submission of claim
    Late submission of claim /Interpretation of contract (CR226)
  • pdf CR225 - Late submission
    Late submission (CR225)
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