Funeral Insurance

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  • pdf CR366 - Funeral benefit
    Claim declined on the basis that the parties were divorced prior to the conclusion of the contract.
  • pdf CR338 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Plan required notification of a child’s birth for the child to be added to the policy – claim for a still-born child. (CR338)
  • pdf CR337 - Policy-holder
    Funeral insurance – policy-holder - whether an individual who was not involved in any negotiations with the insurer may be the legal owner of a policy? (CR337)
  • pdf CR335 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral policy - Insurer declining on basis of child not being registered as a full-time student at date of death and therefore over age in terms of the policy provisions (CR335)
  • pdf CR309 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance - Insurer's practice to "deem" the life insured to be the policyholder, and not the person who applied in his or her own name for the policy - practice not justified (CR309)
  • pdf CR281 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy - Fund rule stipulating that a child over 22 years would only remain covered if he or she was a registered full-time student (CR281)
  • pdf CR280 - Funeral benefit
    Funeral benefit - No beneficiary nominated by the policyholder - benefit paid to someone other than the executor of the deceased's estate (CR280)
  • pdf CR263 - Funeral insurance policy
    Funeral insurance policy - Definition of a "common law spouse" - meaning of (CR263)
  • pdf CR262 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy - Covering "eligible children" as defined - interpretation - insurer liable, for interest as well (CR262)
  • pdf CR220 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance- Deceased working in medi-clinic – her death conceivably due to HIV exposure in the course of her duties – effect on co-life insured’s cover – whether policy could be made paid up – compensation for creating false expectation (CR220)
  • pdf CR185 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance - what constitutes "dependant child"- can a student undergoing motor mechanic apprenticeship be regarded as a full-time student for purposes of the policy? (CR185)
  • pdf CR184 - Funeral insurance
    Funeral insurance - definition of dependent relative - brother-in-law (CR184)
  • pdf CR141 - Fraud
    Fraud - Quite probable - but claim paid (CR141)
  • pdf CR140 - Funeral policy - principal life assured dies
    Funeral policy - principal life assured dies - Policy-owner dies before he can submit a claim - insurer pays proceeds to new policy-owner - should the insurer have paid the estate of the policy-owner or the new policy-owner (CR140)
  • pdf CR139 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance - Increase of the rate of premiums alternatively the reduction of benefits at the discretion of the insurer (CR139)
  • pdf CR138 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy - Section 53 of the Long-term Insurance Act No 52 of 1998 (CR138)
  • pdf CR137 - Funeral Insurance - eligibility of policyholder
    Funeral Insurance - eligibility of policyholder - Whether disqualified because he did not belong to a particular trade union (CR137)
  • pdf CR136 - Funeral insurance
    Funeral insurance - Insured life wrongly described as spouse of principal insured - agency - vicarious liability of insurer for agent's misrepresentation (CR136)
  • pdf CR95 - Funeral claim declined
    Funeral claim declined - Maximum age attained - not a full time student - accommodating attitude of insurer (CR95)
  • pdf CR94 - Funeral insurance
    Funeral insurance - Validity of funeral insurance policy (CR94)
  • pdf CR93 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy - Insurer's reliance on "maximum cover" provision (CR93)
  • pdf CR92 - Funeral policy with accident cover
    Funeral policy with accident cover - Deceased insured died from unnatural causes - funeral claim paid but accident cover payment withheld (CR92)
  • pdf CR91 - Funeral Policy
    Funeral Policy - Increase in premiums - compensatory award (CR91)
  • pdf CR90 - Non-payment on funeral plan
    Non-payment on funeral plan - Non-disclosure of material facts (CR90)
  • pdf CR89 - Funeral Policy
    Funeral Policy - Change of rules - waiting period (CR89)
  • pdf CR88 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance - Principal life insured took out insurance cover on an extended family member as an additional life insured - principal life insured dies - within a month and during the grace period for the payment of premiums, the additional life insured also dies - whether cover under the policy ceases as a matter of law upon the death of the principal life insured (CR88)
  • pdf CR87 - Funeral Policy
    Funeral Policy - Section 59 (2) of the Long-term Insurance Act, 1998 (CR87)
  • pdf CR86 - Funeral Insurance
    Funeral Insurance - Nominated beneficiary - beneficiaries cannot be identified or traced (CR86)
  • pdf CR85 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy- No consensus to conclude contract (CR85)
  • pdf CR84 - Funeral policy
    Funeral policy - Claim repudiated on basis that deceased did not fall within definition of "spouse" and complainant did not pay funeral costs - "common law spouse" - equity (CR84)
  • pdf CR29 - Funeral
    Funeral - Proof of claim (CR29)
  • pdf CR28 - Funeral
    Funeral - No underwriting change of premium (CR28)
  • pdf CR27 - Funeral
    Funeral - Dubious claims 2 (CR27)
  • pdf CR26 - Funeral
    Funeral - Dubious claims (CR26)
  • pdf CR25 - Funeral
    Funeral - Who is the correct claimant? (CR25)
  • pdf CR24 - Funeral
    Funeral - Status of life assured (CR24)
  • pdf CR23 - Funeral
    Funeral - Fraud by proposer (CR23)
  • pdf CR22 - Funeral
    Funeral - Confusion about identity (CR22)
  • pdf CR21 - Funeral
    Funeral - Competing claimants (CR21)
  • pdf CR20 - Funeral
    Funeral - Potentially competing claimaint (CR20)
  • pdf CR19 - Funeral
    Funeral - Non-renewal of policy (CR19)
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