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  • pdf CR327 - Jurisdiction [NEW]
    Deceased employed by an insurer – as such a member of its group scheme underwritten by the same insurer – on his death his life partner not satisfied with allocation by his employer of group scheme death benefit - office not having jurisdiction over a decision by the insurer in its capacity as employer.(CR327)
  • pdf CR312 - Jurisdiction.pdf
    Mistaken payment by insurer to policyholder of portion of benefit – insurer in fact not liable because of an exclusion clause – complainant claiming balance of benefit – office’s jurisdiction to deal at the same time with insurer’s condictio indebiti as a counterclaim. (CR312)
  • pdf CR268 - Jurisdiction
    Jurisdiction - Overpayment to the insured of her monthly pension-insurer demanding repayment - complainant lodging a complaint with the office - held: that the office has jurisdiction over the insurer's claim, a condictio indebiti - portion of the overpaid money ordered to be repaid (CR268)
  • pdf CR232 - Payment
    Payment - Insurer setting-off overpaid amount against other policy benefits (CR232)
  • pdf CR224 - Jurisdiction - death benefit payable to the deceased's estate
    Jurisdiction - death benefit payable to the deceased's estate - Father of deceased authorised by the Master of High Court to take control of deceased's assets listed in an accompanying inventory-benefits in respect of this policy not listed in the inventory - insurer paid benefit to deceased's father- Master, acting on behalf of deceased's minor children, asserts that the insurer should not have paid the benefit to the deceased's father - Master asserts that the insurer be ordered to repay the benefit into the Guardians Fund (CR224)
  • pdf CR101 - Jurisdiction - Exclusion clause
    Jurisdiction - Exclusion clause - Insurer alleges that it paid accident benefit in error - summons issued by insurer to prevent prescription - rules as they their read (CR101)
  • pdf CR36 - Jurisdiction
    Jurisdiction - lapsed policy (CR36)
  • pdf CR35 - Jurisdiction
    Jurisdiction - if an investment product is wrapped (CR35)
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