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  • pdf CR230 - Misrepresentation
    Misrepresentation - Alleged misrepresentation; poor disclosure/poor service; optional cash withdrawal reducing sum assured (CR230)
  • pdf CR229 - Misrepresentation - Post Contractual
    Misrepresentation - Post Contractual (CR229)
  • pdf CR296 - Misrepresentation - Telesale of credit life policy
    Telesale of credit life policy - sales agent representing retrenchment benefit to be full amount owing on credit card – policy providing for a limited benefit– Appeal Tribunal ruling that insurer to be held to the representation (CR296)
  • pdf CR192 - Misrepresentation
    Misrepresentation - insured wrongly informed by insurer's client service department that claim was covered - liability of insurer for post-contractual misrepresentation - compensatory award (CR192)
  • pdf CR147 - Misrepresentation
    Misrepresentation - offering of a conditional prize by insurer to proposer for insurance - effect on ensuing contract - section 45 of the LTIA (CR147)
  • pdf CR146 - Allegation of misrepresentation
    Allegation of misrepresentation concerning basic life cover - universal life policy - insurer neglecting duty imposed by policy (CR146)
  • pdf CR37 - Misrepresentation
    Misrepresentation - by independent broker prior to conclusion (CR37)
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