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  • pdf Case 23 - Disability Claim
    Group life policy – insurer terminated disability benefits on grounds complainant can perform an alternate occupation; what constitutes an alternate occupation?
  • pdf Case 22 - Payment of Interest
    Late payment of claim due to suspicion of suicide – Date from which interest is payable
  • pdf Case 21 - Compensation Award
    Old funeral policy - £50 sum insured in the policy - Insurer offered R104 on death of life assured
  • pdf Case 20 - Compensation Award
    Life Policy – Policy cancelled by insurer in accordance with master policy. No cancellation clause in summary provided to members
  • pdf Case 19 - Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion Clause
    Pre-existing conditions exclusion clause – claim declined on the grounds that the life assured’s condition falls within the pre-existing conditions exclusion clause.

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