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Archived Reports

  • The Ombudsman commissions an independent/external review of its office every four or five years
  • The review entails an in-depth investigation and qualitative assessment of key aspects of the office’s business
  • Past reviews have been undertaken by Prof JC van der Walt (2005), Adv. Neville J Melville (2009) and Dr E de la Rey (2015)
  • The most recent review was undertaken by Mr Dennis Jooste in 2021 who said the following in the concluding paragraph of his report:
    “This review confirms what I suspect has long been known to the now-defunct FSOS Council, the South African Treasury, INFO, the Long-term Insurance Industry and the public, namely that in OLTI, South Africa has one of the most reputable financial Ombud schemes in the world. Its near-total compliance with each and every element of the INFO Fundamental Principles bears testimony to the fact. As we approach a new dawn with the implementation of the 2017 Act, I can only envy the Chief Ombud, when appointed, and those who will sit on the Ombud Council.  Hopefully they will soon appreciate what they have inherited.”

To read the full OLTI 2015 Independent Review

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