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In section 6 of his report Mr Dennis Jooste summarized his recommendations as follows:

“Section 6. Summary of recommendations

As I have made several recommendations, I will summarise, in point form and only for the purposes of convenience, the recommendations made and where they can be found in the body of the report. They are:

The Constitutional Documents

1.  Complete re-draft of the Constitutional Documents. (See Section 3).

2. Obtain independent professional advice about complete re-draft of the Constitutional Documents. (See Section 3).

3. Amend the Association’s Constitution to take account of the several points raised in the World Bank questionnaire. (See Section 5).

4. Amend the Association’s Constitution so that the Ombudsman reports only to the Council (See Section 5).

The Rules

5. Amend the Rules. (See Sections 3 and 5).

Review of Corporate Structures and Practice

6. Consider establishing an Executive Committee. (See Section 4).

The Committee

7. Amend the powers of the Committee (See Section 3).

External Auditors

8. Consider revolving auditors every five years. (See Section 4).  

Internal Auditors

9. Investigate any benefits to be gained by employing internal auditors. (See Section 4).

Performance review of Council members

10. Consider taking advice on how this should be done. (See Section 4 ). 

Review of future workload

11.  Review future workload as a consequence of statutory reforms. (See section 5).


12. Consider requesting ASISA to do more to publicise Ombud schemes in general and OLTI in particular. (See Section 5).

The South African Consumer Union

13. Consider more engagement with The South African Consumer Union. (See Section 5).

Human Resources Review

14. Consider instructing Ms. Odendal of Mazars to do follow-up review.  (See Section 5).

Review necessary resources to cater for increased workload

15. Plan for increase in resources due to anticipated workload. (See Section 5).”



Re: The Constitutional Documents, The Rules and The Committee

Points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

We agree with the recommendations. However, we think it will be unproductive to start this process until there is more clarity regarding the legislative landscape and the amalgamation process. As is well known, there has not been a regulator mechanism to bring about any changes to documentation for several years. The FSOS Council was appointed on 24 May 2021.

Re: Review of Corporate Structures and Practice

Point 6 Executive Committee

This is a decision for Council but from our perspective it is not necessary. The Council is able to meet remotely when required, and to mandate sub-committees as required.

The Council agreed that an Executive Committee is not required.

Re: External Auditors

Point 8

We acknowledge that it is sound practice to revolve auditors, although a five-year period should be a guideline rather than a rule.

Re: Internal Auditors

Point 9

We agree that we should investigate.

Re: Performance review of Council members

Point 10 Consider taking advice how this should be done

We agree with the recommendation, but this is a decision for Council.

The Council agrees with the recommendation.

Re: Review of future workload

Point 11

This has already been factored in.


Point 12

We agree.

Re: The South African Consumer Union

Point 13

We agree.

Re: Human Resources Review

Point 14

We agree, but we think it can wait to 2022.

Re: Review necessary resources to cater for increased workload

Point 15

This is a continuous and ongoing exercise.

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