The mission of the Ombudsman is to receive and consider complaints against subscribing members and to resolve such complaints through mediation, conciliation, recommendation or determination:

The Ombudsman shall seek to ensure that:

  • he or she acts independently and objectively in resolving any complaint received and takes no instructions from anybody regarding the exercise of his or her authority;
  • he or she follows informal, fair and cost-effective procedures;
  • he or she keeps in balance the scale between complainants and subscribing members;
  • he or she accords due weight to considerations of equity;
  • he or she maintains confidentiality, in so far as it is feasible to do so and subject to Rule 7 below, in respect of every complaint received;
  • he or she co-operates with the Council established in terms of the Financial Services Ombud Schemes Act, 2004, in promoting public awareness of the existence, function and functioning of the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman’s office and in informing potential complainants of available dispute resolution forums.
  • subscribing members act with fairness and with due regard to both the letter and the spirit of the contract between the parties and render an efficient service to those with whom they contract.

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