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Complaints against the office

You can complain about

  • the level of service of the Ombudsman’s office
  • the practical handling of a complaint by the Ombudsman’s office
  • procedures of the Ombudsman’s office
  • behaviour of any member of the Ombudsman’s staff

You cannot complain about

  • the outcome of a complaint
  • the merits of a decision of the Ombudsman’s office

Who do you complain to?

  • The Independent External Arbitrator is the person appointed by the Ombudsman’s Council to receive and consider service-related complaints against the office
  • The Independent External Arbitrator may
    – reprimand the Ombudsman’s office or any members of its staff
    – order the office or any member of its staff to apologise to the complainant

What is the process?

Address your complaint in writing to:
The Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance*
Private Bag X45
Claremont, 7735 or
*The Ombudsman or the Deputy Ombudsman will personally attend to the complaint

After 20 working days, if the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction the complaint may then be addressed to:
The Independent External Arbitrator
Judge R B Cleaver
Private Bag X45
Claremont, 7735 or*
* Password protected to ensure confidentiality

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