Contact your insurer first.

Your insurer should be given the opportunity to resolve the problem or complaint before it is referred to the Ombudsman.

Contact us if you are not satisfied with the response.

Requirements for complaints submitted to the Ombudsman

  • The complaint must be in writing, or with our assistance at telephone.
  • Please provide us with the following information:
    • policy number/s;
    • insurance company;
    • policyholder contact details;
    • factual summary of your complaint; and
    • letter of mandate if you are writing on behalf of the policyholder or beneficiary.
  • Keep the details of your complaint as short and factual as possible.
  • Provide us with copies of supporting documents referred to in the complaint, including correspondence with the insurer.
  • Please write neatly. Type if possible. Black ink should be used for faxed correspondence.
  • A complaint can be submitted in the language of your choice

What happens next?

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement advising you about the line of action we intend to take.

  • Should the complaint fall within the ambit of our rules, we will write to the insurer concerned requesting an investigation of the matter.
  • The insurer is requested to respond within six weeks. On receipt of a written response the complaint will either be decided and the complainant advised accordingly or further information or comment might be requested from either or both parties.


This is a service free of charge to the public.

The operating costs of the office are met by subscribing members of the long-term insurance industry.

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